Resultat DM 2020

Some commentary as observed by Tilak and his interactions based on memory after the exhausting run.

I guess this is the closest DM finish with less than a fraction of a second. Although the fox puncher time says 6 seconds.  Perhaps the old timers can correct this guess of mine.

The course was set by Erik Sandwall, the winner of last year’s DM 2019. He was very happy to see so many participants. This time the DM was at the hilly landscape of Kvarnsjön, nicknamed as the Alpine of Alingsås. The landscape reminded me more of NM 2019 in Norway.

Two minutes before the transmission, everyone took off towards the northern side to get bearings while I took off south. Some 400m where there was a path to enter Kvarnsjön. I thought fox3 was close by, only to hear fox4 and fox5 even closer. Climbing up and down and up and down for foxes 4 and 5 was fun. Then, it wasn’t clear if fox3 was on the western side or the northern side of the Kvarnsjön. So, I lost one whole 5mins cycle just waiting for transmission where I met Oscar zipping past for fox5. Next transmission I was close to fox3 but lost the transmission cycle, looking around I was lucky to find it. Then, came fox2 which was well beyond the shooting fences. For some 10 steps I started traveling north instead of southeast when I came across a stream. Managed to catch the fox2 after 2-3 5mins cycles later. This is where I met Robert who was going for fox2 along with Albin who was on his second fox for the day. I got a north bearing on fox1 so traveling along the bearing only to be hit by the shooting fence and some tough terrain where I was bearing for fox1 upon a slope that looked like a 85° dip from the horizon. Good shoes with spikes helped. Getting down on the road only to be hit by more tough looking cliffs. Had to navigate well between the gaps. When reaching closer to fox1, suddenly I noticed Robert! Very surprised to learn that he was there for his last fox. He later told me that he took the road on the eastern side which was a great choice. Darn! Why did I not do that? He was happy to see me there as I was still looking for the fox1. Upon noticing Robert in the valley, I started to move midway between where we stood. A logical choice given two independent bearing when there was barely 10 seconds left for fox1 to start transmission. Robert later said that he was looking for every tree along his way to fox1 while I was doing Rabbit hunt search. I think Robert and I saw the fox1 probably at the same time. Robert was one step away from fox1 while I was two steps away. I dived for the puncher plug that resulted in Robert’s hands over my hands with Robert on one knee while I was lying flat on the forest floor with both hands over the plug. There was a slight giggle between us for holding the plug. Probably, we were unsure if the plug was really in my hands. Then, Robert let go and I think he said “you can take it”. I said “Thanks!” He said “we should maintain Corona distance” and we laughed as we walked back to the car. I think it was barely a fraction of a second as to who got to the puncher plug although the recorded time shows 6 seconds apart. I think with NFC touch based timing could prove to be even more interesting for the future.

My guess is that this is probably the closest fought DM. But Robert thinks there could have been closely fought ones in the past. We laughed as we went back to the start over the beautiful landscape.

Daniel mentioned that he went too far north beyond the map to Vänersborg at the start, the map scale 1:7500 was probably a little magnified compared to the standard scale of 1:10000. He took 3 controls. A good number of foxes to catch, given that this was his third hunt since 1986. It was very nice of Daniel to bring coffee, kex and saft for the entire gang. Tack! It was impressive to see Albin, a new comer for DM, to take all 5 foxes. He said he was going along the bearings. Some regular orienteering experience will bring a tougher competition. While the fastest man on this track was Oscar who unfortunately took a suboptimal path with only took 1hr 21mins. If he gets the optimal path, we would have tougher competition.

While walking back to the car, Robert mentioned that he did not expect me to dive and I still have goosebumps thinking about that dive for the fox1.

DM lördagen 14 sept kl 14

Härmed inbjuds till DM i radioorientering!

Tid: Lördagen 14 sept, samling 14:00, start 14:28

Plats: Partille, Korsningen Lexbydalsvägen/Surketjärnsvägen. 57.7734, 12.1298(Samåk gärna – parkeringsplatsen är liten.)

Tävlingstyp: 80 m med skärmar

Telefon till tävlingssekretariatet: 076 119 1452

Observera att tävlingen inte går den 15 sept som det står i GRJ-kalendern och på hemsidan! Observera även klockslaget, samling 14:00. Alla de mest aktiva deltagarna är tillfrågade och har uttryckt sig positiva eller neutrala till ändringen. Tack för det!

Det finns olika uppfattningar om att tävla med eller utan skärmar. De flesta som uttryckte en åsikt i frågan vill ha skärmar, och då blir det så den här gången.

Däremot blir det ingen målräv, som det är på internationella tävlingar. Det har föreslagits att införa detta även hos GRJ. Jag är visserligen positiv till att pröva, men jag tycker inte att DM är rätt tillfälle.

Hälsningar Erik

Hisingsparken 2019

Ingvar waiting for Aurel, meanwhile can you spot the antenna?
Bearings from Erik S
Results of the hunt

It was a fantastic day with good weather and a very pleasing landscape of hisingsparken. It was great to see five participants and luckily I had maps for eight people 🙂

As an organizer of the event, I added a few new rules:

  • Wait for 1:30 hours before taking out the foxes after all hunters have been there: Erik S pointed out that this could be useful for those who experience frequency drift or moved their frequency knob involuntarily.
  • Subtract 1 minute from the final time for finding at least one plastic bag or object from the forest.

I am very happy that all the hunters found all the foxes. I heard they were well hidden in the natural formations provided by nature. Something very special about Göteborg RävJägare (GRJ) is that we do not put out the screens where the foxes are located. Unlike in the official events where an orienteering sign is put up.

It was fun to listen to the Morse coded hunter count while trying to guess who could be where during the hunt. Thinking about what strategies they could have used. The fun part for me is the above picture where the antenna that I put out for fox 4 came down when Ingvar took it down by mistake. There was still Aurel who had to take fox 4 so if you look closely at the above photo. The antenna is couple of meters above ground and laying horizontal going via another tree. Above Ingvar’s head (2m) is the top hook of the antenna as it horizontally travels left to the neighboring tree and finally reaches the left most bent tree where fox 4 was hidden between two small boulders. Aurel had two or so transmissions left before he could find the fox. He managed to find the antenna and trace it to find the fox 🙂

Ending ceremony: An eventful scoring as Robert’s puncher #4 did not record anything. I wonder if there was any chip inside it. Finally for the results, this Aurel’s first hunt to take all the foxes with his home made receiver. He was well applauded for his achievement 🙂 Erik S came in first. While the second place with plastics and a glass bottle was Erik A. The difference between them was more than 2 minutes. Luckily the plastics did not tip the final results as one minute was reduced from Erik A’s score but it nevertheless was a huge bonus for the environment with one plastic and a glass bottle less 🙂

The fastest route according to Erik S calculator is 4-3-1-5-2 with a distance of 2.6 kms. The calculator did not account for elevation or difficult path from fox 1 to fox 5 due to steep cliffs. Perhaps taking the tracks was more useful than fighting through the forest which probably was a deciding factor in the final outcome. But then you miss out on the beautiful secrets of the forest and kantareller 🙂

Next hunt, 22nd August, Änggårdsbergen organized by Aurel.