What do you get if you combine a small hand-held radio equipment, running (or walking) in the beautiful Swedish nature, and solving a shortest-route problem? You get radio orienteering and in Gothenburg, the local name is Göteborgs Rävjägare (GRJ). Note that we do not hunt any fox (räv), it is just a name from the dinosaur era (1950s). We simply look for radio transmitters hidden in the landscape on a given map with the help of a compass and more importantly a radio receiver. The location of the transmitters are not provided on the radio-orienteering map, unlike regular-orienteering maps. Your task is to find radio transmitters hidden in the forest. Usually there are five transmitters where each transmitter takes its turn for transmitting a fabulous Morse code with its identity while the other transmitters remain silent. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_orienteering and https://pejla.se/ for further information. On this website you may find upcoming events in radio orienteering in and around Gothenburg, Sweden. A simulator for radio orienteering is available here, give it a try: https://sundgren.se/1-things/2-apps/3-ardf/ardf-sim.htm All are welcome to reach us and try this sport. See About us / Contact us page for more details.