Hisingsparken 2019

Ingvar waiting for Aurel, meanwhile can you spot the antenna?
Bearings from Erik S
Results of the hunt

It was a fantastic day with good weather and a very pleasing landscape of hisingsparken. It was great to see five participants and luckily I had maps for eight people 🙂

As an organizer of the event, I added a few new rules:

  • Wait for 1:30 hours before taking out the foxes after all hunters have been there: Erik S pointed out that this could be useful for those who experience frequency drift or moved their frequency knob involuntarily.
  • Subtract 1 minute from the final time for finding at least one plastic bag or object from the forest.

I am very happy that all the hunters found all the foxes. I heard they were well hidden in the natural formations provided by nature. Something very special about Göteborg RävJägare (GRJ) is that we do not put out the screens where the foxes are located. Unlike in the official events where an orienteering sign is put up.

It was fun to listen to the Morse coded hunter count while trying to guess who could be where during the hunt. Thinking about what strategies they could have used. The fun part for me is the above picture where the antenna that I put out for fox 4 came down when Ingvar took it down by mistake. There was still Aurel who had to take fox 4 so if you look closely at the above photo. The antenna is couple of meters above ground and laying horizontal going via another tree. Above Ingvar’s head (2m) is the top hook of the antenna as it horizontally travels left to the neighboring tree and finally reaches the left most bent tree where fox 4 was hidden between two small boulders. Aurel had two or so transmissions left before he could find the fox. He managed to find the antenna and trace it to find the fox 🙂

Ending ceremony: An eventful scoring as Robert’s puncher #4 did not record anything. I wonder if there was any chip inside it. Finally for the results, this Aurel’s first hunt to take all the foxes with his home made receiver. He was well applauded for his achievement 🙂 Erik S came in first. While the second place with plastics and a glass bottle was Erik A. The difference between them was more than 2 minutes. Luckily the plastics did not tip the final results as one minute was reduced from Erik A’s score but it nevertheless was a huge bonus for the environment with one plastic and a glass bottle less 🙂

The fastest route according to Erik S calculator is 4-3-1-5-2 with a distance of 2.6 kms. The calculator did not account for elevation or difficult path from fox 1 to fox 5 due to steep cliffs. Perhaps taking the tracks was more useful than fighting through the forest which probably was a deciding factor in the final outcome. But then you miss out on the beautiful secrets of the forest and kantareller 🙂

Next hunt, 22nd August, Änggårdsbergen organized by Aurel.

Resultat Rävjakten 16/4 2019

Hej, har läst ut tider från rävarna:

Fick ute de tider för Frank på räv 1 och 2 som inte gick att få ur
puncher 12.  Ingvars sluttid var felskriven. Tabellen blir då med
uppdelning mellan 80m och 2m:

1. Ingvar  1:11:08   5 rävar
2. Erik A.  1:23:45   5 rävar
3. Frank    1:13:07  4 rävar
4. Aurel     1:21:10  3 rävar
5. Henrik   0:48:04  2 rävar

1. Tilak      0:56:51 5 rävar
2. Robert  1:04:13 5 rävar
3. Lars R.   1:11:19 5 rävar

Tack Bengt för en trevlig bana. Kul att vi blev 8 jägare i terrängen.