Results from Härskogen, 80m Sprint, 21st April

Thoughts and reflections from organizer Erik Sandwall:

Yesterday’s SPRINT hunt went partly OK, except for the fast number3 (fox number 8) which stopped transmitting. Or rather, it did probably send but nothing was coming out.  I suspect the cheap antenna banana plug. Let’s see if Robert can fix it.
I put out the two loops of transmitters (slow and fast) during the afternoon. First it was sunny and not so cold and then the temperature dropped and I had hail, rain and snow! Real April’s weather. At the time the hunters arrived, it was quite cold.
I separated the two loops of transmitters into two areas, with the start, finish and spectator beacon in the centre, around the parking at Härskogen. The event was following the international rules completely, which meant a starting sequence with 2 minute intervals. Most of the hunters kept warm by running around in the starting area (LSOK-stugan).
The slow foxes were located south of LSOK-stugan and the fast ones north of the parking. I had borrowed Roberts micro-fox and programmed it to send the letter S continously, as a spectator beacon. I made an extension to the antenna, and I think it was audiable over most of the area.At the start of the finish corridor I put the MO Hjälp-mig-hem beacon, and at the finish line I had the finish punching device.

It was great to see the hunters passing the S beacon, and all looked strong!