Cykeljakt resultat 20190613


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It was a wonderful warm day. A colleague of mine dropped me off near the starting point along with my bicycle. To my surprise other orienteers had biked to the start. The map from the event organizer, David, was heart shaped and it did not fit on a A4 size. Probably more of a double A4 and an A5. Erik and Robert had the map fixed on the handle bar. While Ingvar and Tilak had it in their hand. As for the receiver, for Erik it hanging on his neck, while for Tilak it was hanging from the wrist. Others had their receivers on hand. The hunters were expected to finish at Fox#3. All the foxes were well highlighted with screens and well placed within biking paths.

With two minutes to start, Erik had gone invisible. It was later discovered that he started with Fox#2. While, Robert, Tilak and Ingvar started with Fox#4. From the final results, it looks like Robert went for the loudest reception. While others went for the convex-hull. It is interesting that the folks who took all the five foxes, went anti-clockwise. Going from fox#1 near Sankt Sigfridsplan to Östra sjukhus. This bicycle hunt was one of a kind.
Finally, Fox#3 was a delight as there was BBQ setup by David =) Bliss! A fantastic way to finish before summer =)