Results of the first night hunt


Some thoughts on this hunt from Tilak:
This is the most comical hunt for me. As I started out being the first one to take the fox in 00:08:42 and somehow managed to finish last at 00:45:04 with 4 foxes (or 1:28:04 with 5 foxes). Strange as it might sound I took fox-1 twice, thinking it was fox-2. Not sure how I managed to goof this up. Anyway, I wasn’t aware of this, until I went along with Lars R to collect fox-2. Oddly, I did not recognize running here. Nevertheless, I was enthusiastic in making a sort of a geeky movie with radio orienteering in the night. So there I was filming when fox-2 was transmitting, running through the forests, only to meet up Erik S who was doing the hunter count to be 5 instead of 6. We made more videos as to how to take the foxes. Then, it occurred to me that it could be me who did not take fox-2. Only upon punching it, the fox-2 did a hunter count of 6.

As a Monday-morning-quarterback, this was the most comical hunt for me, as I took the car to catch the fox and did some filming, even told Robert on the way back from fox-4 that why is fox-2 found in the bag of fox-1? only to realize that I had missed the fox which I went out to recover!


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