About Radio Orienteering

What do you get if you combine handling radio equipment, running (or walking) in the beautiful Swedish nature, and solving a shortest-route problem? It is radio orienteering and in Gothenburg, the local name is Göteborgs Rävjägare (GRJ). All you have is a radio receiver, a map and a compass. Your task is to find radio transmitters hidden in the forest. See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_orienteering and https://pejla.se/ for further information.

All are welcome to reach us and try this sport. See About us / Contact us page for more details.


Cykeljakt resultat 20190613


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It was a wonderful warm day. A colleague of mine dropped me off near the starting point along with my bicycle. To my surprise other orienteers had biked to the start. The map from the event organizer, David, was heart shaped and it did not fit on a A4 size. Probably more of a double A4 and an A5. Erik and Robert had the map fixed on the handle bar. While Ingvar and Tilak had it in their hand. As for the receiver, for Erik it hanging on his neck, while for Tilak it was hanging from the wrist. Others had their receivers on hand. The hunters were expected to finish at Fox#3. All the foxes were well highlighted with screens and well placed within biking paths.

With two minutes to start, Erik had gone invisible. It was later discovered that he started with Fox#2. While, Robert, Tilak and Ingvar started with Fox#4. From the final results, it looks like Robert went for the loudest reception. While others went for the convex-hull. It is interesting that the folks who took all the five foxes, went anti-clockwise. Going from fox#1 near Sankt Sigfridsplan to Östra sjukhus. This bicycle hunt was one of a kind.
Finally, Fox#3 was a delight as there was BBQ setup by David =) Bliss! A fantastic way to finish before summer =)



Invitation for National Radio Orienteering (N1) in Göteborg 27-28 April 2019

GRJ har den stora glädjen att få inbjuda till N1 i Göteborg! Arrangemangetbestår av två tävlingar, på 144 resp. 3,5 MHz. De ger kvalificeringspoäng till det svenska laget vid EM i Slovenienoch tävlingsformatet liknar det som används vid internationella tävlingar. Tävlingsområdena ligger i centrala/södra Göteborg.

Invitation: https://pejla.se/results/res2019/n1/n1_inbjudan.pdf
PM: https://pejla.se/results/res2019/n1/n1_pm.pdf

Resultat Rävjakten 16/4 2019

Hej, har läst ut tider från rävarna:

Fick ute de tider för Frank på räv 1 och 2 som inte gick att få ur
puncher 12.  Ingvars sluttid var felskriven. Tabellen blir då med
uppdelning mellan 80m och 2m:

1. Ingvar  1:11:08   5 rävar
2. Erik A.  1:23:45   5 rävar
3. Frank    1:13:07  4 rävar
4. Aurel     1:21:10  3 rävar
5. Henrik   0:48:04  2 rävar

1. Tilak      0:56:51 5 rävar
2. Robert  1:04:13 5 rävar
3. Lars R.   1:11:19 5 rävar

Tack Bengt för en trevlig bana. Kul att vi blev 8 jägare i terrängen.

Results of Dag DM, Hisingsparken, 23rd Sept’18

It was a lovely warm day in September to have the DM at Hisingsparken. It was great to see Erik A who showed up well before the time to meet. He as missing from action for many months. Lars R being on schedule had to park some distance away, as parking was full. Without the help of Lars R, setting up this hunt would have been difficult. As he helped out taking the additional equipment. Thanks Lars R!

The tracks are pleasing to run. Going from 2-5-1-3-4 took around 6.9 kms when planting the foxes. There were people everywhere, especially those who were hunting for mushrooms!

Unfortunately or luckily there were at least two people for the DM. Looking at the map, I think Erik took the optimal route, coming in first at 1 hour and 1 minute while Lars took in 1 hour and 37 minutes. It was great to follow the hunter count, as it felt like a football commentary as to where the competitors were and in what order they are taking.

I felt like I should have kept fox 2 and fox 4 at equal distance such that they were equally loud. But then, that would have been easily 7.5+kms. Potentially, taking more than 2 hours if senior competitors took them by walk.

Finally, at the awards ceremony, it was strange to be other end of trophy, handing it out to the winner.


Update: Now with Erik Sandwall’s optimum route calculation, it appears that Erik A took the optimal path with 4-3-2-5-1 with bird’s flight distance of 3093 meters while the 2nd shortest route was 2-4-3-5-1 with 3096 meters. For the second shortest route, I guess one would have to swim across slätta damm 🙂