About Radio Orienteering

Quick Introduction to the ARDF sport – Radio Orienteering

What do you get if you combine a small hand-held radio equipment, running (or walking) in the beautiful Swedish nature, and solving a shortest-route problem? You get radio orienteering and in Gothenburg, the local name is Göteborgs Rävjägare (GRJ). Note that we do not hunt any fox (räv), it is just a name from the dinosaur era (1950s). We simply look for radio transmitters hidden in the landscape on a given map with the help of a compass and more importantly a radio receiver. The location of the transmitters are not provided on the radio-orienteering map, unlike regular-orienteering maps.

Your task is to find radio transmitters hidden in the forest. Usually there are five transmitters that takes turns transmitting a Morse signal with its identity while the other transmitters remain silent. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_orienteering and https://pejla.se/ for further information.

All are welcome to contact us and try this sport. See About us / Contact us page for more details.

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80m Safjället /Tilak

Hej Hej!

I shall try again to organize the radio orienteering:
Date: 16th June, Thursday.
Samling: kl. 18, Start: kl. 18:30
Location: 57.67110, 11.99770
Parking space in the north west corner of the football ground, hitta safjället

1) The start will be slotted in 5-minute interval with 2 people starting at the same time.
2) Maps will be given well in advance
3) All receivers will be placed in a specific location before start.
4) There will be a start corridor.
5) There will be a finish beacon.

This will be fun. I hope to see you all, especially those living/working close-by 🙂


Tuesday 17th May GRJ ARDF

Hej Hej!

I will be organizing the radio orienteering on Tuesday 17th May, Samling kl.18, Start: kl. 18:30 at
57°39’32.3″N 11°58’51.3″E
Axgatan, 431 40 Mölndal

This will be a little special as NM rules will be followed with some exceptions:
1) The start will be slotted in 5mins intervals with 2 people starting at the same time.
2) Usually, the maps are given 5mins before start.
3) The minimum distance between foxes will be halved to 200m instead of 400m.
4) All receivers will be placed in a specific location before start.
5) The starting corridor is usually far enough that others yet to start cannot see the ones already started. Here we will have all remaining competitors facing a specific direction.
7) There will be a finish beacon, although optional, its good to find your way back.

All are very welcome 🙂


80m Änggårdsbergen /Aurel


Välkomna till Radiopejlorientering torsdagen den 5:e Maj i Änggårdsbergen

Det blir traditionell jakt med rävar som sänder på 80-metersbandet

Vi utgår från parkeringen vid Gruvgatan 37B-39B, koordinater: 57.66614, 11.94471

Som vanligt är det är det samling kl.18:00 och start kl 18:30.

Banläggare: Aurel Bergfalk, SA6HEB, 0705 08 46 95


Aurel Bergfalk

Välkomna till vår andra radiopejlorientering torsdag 7 april 2022

Ingvar lägger banan. Det blir på 80m, 5 rävar med skärmar på dom flesta.

Banläggare: Ingvar Andersson, SM6ERS, tfn 031-214445
Plats: Delsjön vid koloni-parkeringen
Samling: Torsdag 7/4, kl 17:00


Robert Petersson
Tfn: 0704342740

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
57.69858, 12.03266

GRJs första rävjakt 2022

Det blir 80m och 2m samtidigt. 5 rävar med skärmar. Startproceduren kommer att ha likheter med NM för att träna på det, dvs alla kommer inte att starta samtidigt.

Plats: Parkeringen vid Herkulesgården
Samling: Onsdag 30/3, kl 17:00
Första start:17:30

David o Kalle, 751an eller Lila express går förbi ganska nära. Gunnebodal är den närmsta hållplatsen.

Robert Petersson
Tfn: 0704342740

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
57.653249, 12.056508